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Feb 8


This website is not going to update anymore! :( I Vijay Sondhi, the only person working on this mission, is busy due to schooling. Don’t Worry, The website’s is not going to delete. I would like to keep it as my souvenir and at last, I would thank Tumblr Inc. (for host)and Afcause YOU ALL! Who has supported me in every step :D

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OMG, A Male Honebee’s penis gets destroyed after sex!

Honey Bees are a pretty suicidal species. When you get stung by one, its stinger is detached from the body, leaving with it the bee’s vital organs. So it dies. This is a pretty well known fact. 

A more unknown one is what happens to male worker bees when they impregnate a female queen. When a Queen Bee is ready to mate, it takes flight with about a dozen of male drones. Think of it like an insect version of The Bachelor. However, the reward for the eventual male winner is not a rose, but a mating session with the queen that results in his death!

In order to prevent the other 11 drones from impregnating the queen, the male’s penis snaps off and remains attached to her, acting as a plug that prevents any more sexual contact. So it dies. 


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OMG, Chefs in China make Urine Boiled Eggs!

Yes, the eggs are made in urine, and they have been making it for thousands of years! The urine is gathered from

local schools and the very best comes from boys under 10 years old. “They pee in buckets and we collect it fresh every day,” explained chef Lu Ming.”

Ming says that the eggs are delicious and healthy and make you stay awake and sharp. Ming is looking forward to a project to export Urine eggs to other countries and make it ‘A big thing’.

OMG, It takes between 6 to 8 months to create one episode of the Simpson.

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Oct 9


Sheyla Hershey is a 28-year-old Brazilian model who lives in Houston. Sheyla has had over 18 separate plastic surgeries, but her major claim to fame took place last year when she upgraded her cup size to KKK! (a rather unfortunate size name).

Before the procedure, Hershey’s breasts were only 34FFF (that’s a full gallon of silicone!) last May, so she decided to go under the knife once more because, well…that’s what she does. Unfortunately for her, Texas law limits the amount of silicone a person … (Read More)

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Oct 7

In an unprecedented move, the Danish government has implemented a surcharge of 16 kroner per kilogram (approximately $1.29/lb) of saturated fat in a product. Foods such as butter, milk, cheese, pizza, meat, oil, and processed food will all be subject to the charge. The goal is to dissuade citizens from consuming unhealthy foods, but the tax has already had the side effect of causing people to stock up… (Read More)

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Oct 6

In an unfathomable loss for the world, Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios, passed away earlier this evening at the age of 56.

Summary: Tim Cook sent the following email to Apple employees today: Steve passed away earlier today. Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being.


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OMG, The man who discovered the 3D visual effect couldn’t even see it because he was blind in one eye.

Dr. Carl Pulfrich was an early pioneer in the design of sterescopes, images that appear to be three-dimensional that are composed of two separate two-dimensional images. (like a View-Master toy). He’s well-known for observing and documenting what is now known as the “Pulfrich effect”. 

The Pulfrich effect is the illusion of depth created by our brains when viewing an object with a dark filter applied to one eye. This effect is the basis behind the 3-D movies that we can see today in theaters. 

In Pulfrich’s own words: “I have never been able to observe these effects myself, for I have been blind in the left eye for 16 years.” 

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Sep 9

OMG, Apple’s ultra-thin MacBook Air laptop can be used as a kitchen knife!

We don’t recommmend trying this at home, but I guess you could try it if you’re desperate, super curious, or just looking for an extravagant way to waste your money… 

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Sep 1

Snapple Apple does not contain apple juice among its ingredients!

So what is Snapple Apple’s main fruit then? Drumroll……it’s PEARS! Apparently authentic apple juice does not taste ‘appley’ enough to consumers, so the liquid from its pyriform cousin is used instead. But why can it be marketed as APPLE juice if it’s primarily composed of PEAR juice?? Because it’s not marketed that way. Notice the word “drink” next to juice…calling the beverage a “juice drink” means that it is not required to contain the listed and pictured fruit as its primary component. 

In fact, a juice drink only needs to include as little as 5% actual juice to earn that title! Despite containing the depicted fruit, the qualifications for “fruit juice” aren’t much stricter…it only has to contain 10 percent of the real deal. 

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