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Oct 9


Sheyla Hershey is a 28-year-old Brazilian model who lives in Houston. Sheyla has had over 18 separate plastic surgeries, but her major claim to fame took place last year when she upgraded her cup size to KKK! (a rather unfortunate size name).

Before the procedure, Hershey’s breasts were only 34FFF (that’s a full gallon of silicone!) last May, so she decided to go under the knife once more because, well…that’s what she does. Unfortunately for her, Texas law limits the amount of silicone a person … (Read More)

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OMG, The man who discovered the 3D visual effect couldn’t even see it because he was blind in one eye.

Dr. Carl Pulfrich was an early pioneer in the design of sterescopes, images that appear to be three-dimensional that are composed of two separate two-dimensional images. (like a View-Master toy). He’s well-known for observing and documenting what is now known as the “Pulfrich effect”. 

The Pulfrich effect is the illusion of depth created by our brains when viewing an object with a dark filter applied to one eye. This effect is the basis behind the 3-D movies that we can see today in theaters. 

In Pulfrich’s own words: “I have never been able to observe these effects myself, for I have been blind in the left eye for 16 years.” 

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Sep 1

Snapple Apple does not contain apple juice among its ingredients!

So what is Snapple Apple’s main fruit then? Drumroll……it’s PEARS! Apparently authentic apple juice does not taste ‘appley’ enough to consumers, so the liquid from its pyriform cousin is used instead. But why can it be marketed as APPLE juice if it’s primarily composed of PEAR juice?? Because it’s not marketed that way. Notice the word “drink” next to juice…calling the beverage a “juice drink” means that it is not required to contain the listed and pictured fruit as its primary component. 

In fact, a juice drink only needs to include as little as 5% actual juice to earn that title! Despite containing the depicted fruit, the qualifications for “fruit juice” aren’t much stricter…it only has to contain 10 percent of the real deal. 

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The 10th president of the United States has two grandchildren that are still alive!

John Tyler was the 10th president of the United States and is well-known as the first vice president to finish a deceased president’s term. He served as vice president for the 32 days of William Henry Harrison’s presidency before the president fell ill and died. 

John Tyler had 15 children, and many grandchildren. Two of his grandsons are still alive today. Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr. is 86 years old. His brother, Harrison Tyler, is 83. They were both born well over 60 years after their famous grandfather had died. Their father, Lyon Tyler Sr., passed away in 1935, when the two Tyler brothers were still children. Lyon Jr. and Harrison both went to college at William and Mary. Lyon was a WWII Navy veteran and is now a retired history professor. Harrison is a retired chemical engineer. He now takes care of Sherwood Forest, the plantation where President Tyler lived. 

Here's a profile on Harrison Tyler in the Virginia Tech magazine. There's also a profile on Lyon Tyler Jr. on the website for his local branch of the Lion's Club here

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There’s a puppy that glows in the dark.

Ruppy (a portmanteau of ruby and puppy) is a beagle with genes from a sea anemone. A team of stem cell researchers in Korea cloned the cells that carry the anemone’s red fluorescent genes. The researchers created a special glowing dog stem cell nucleus, and used it to replace the nucleus of a mother dog’s egg cell. They created over 300 embryos like this, implanted them in 20 different dogs, and though the cloning process has a high failure rate, they were able to produce 5 glowing puppies, including Ruppy. These dogs should be able to grow up and naturally give birth to new glowing puppies. 



Sensei Keiko Fukuda has achieved the highest rank in Judo at the age of 98. She began practicing Judo in 1935. She decided to forgo getting married and starting a family. Instead she focused on Judo. The reason it took her so long (76 years!) to reach the highest rank was there was an edict that prevented women from rising passed the level of 5th degree black belt. When the ban was lifted, she was finally able to rise through the ranks and reach the top in 2011.

OMG, The words ‘Hong Kong’ can be spoken without moving your lips!

Try it. Works! 

Aug 6

The computer game Minecraft has sold 3,000,000 units, but it hasn’t actually been released yet!


Officially, the game that you can purchase from is the beta. Technically, that means that the game is still being tested and developed, even though. The beta has been out since December, and free classic version came out back in May 2009. The game will see an official release in November of this year, meaning that millions of people have been playing a game for over two years that hasn’t actually been released. 

Another fun fact about Minecraft: it was made by only one person! 

Aug 1

You can escape a python’s grip by biting its tail.

A man in Kenya had to fight off a python for three hours when it grabbed him and tried to drag him up a tree. Ben Nyaumbe, a farm worker, was nearly eaten by a 13-foot snake. He stayed alive by covering the snake’s mouth with his shirt, so that the snake couldn’t swallow him. His hands were restrained, so eventually all he could do was bite the snake. 

This was a pretty impressive feat for Mr. Nyaumbe. He had to wait it out for 3 hours before police were able to rescue him. Pythons are strong enough to knock a person unconscious in 15 seconds! One thing to watch out for: pythons have sharp skin. Biting the snake caused Nyaumbe to hurt his mouth. 

You can read more about this amazing escape storyhereSpikeTV also has a somewhat ridiculous dramatization of the story.

Aug 1

Apple currently has more money than the U.S. government!

According to the most recent financial statement from the U.S. Treasury, the United States has an operating cash balance of $73.8 billion. Remarkably, our government has nearly $3 billion less in usable cash than one of the most powerful tech companies in the world! Apple currently has cash reserves of $76.2 billion, according to their last earnings report. This just goes to show how rabidly popular Apple have become in the past decade, with products such as the iPod hitting shelves ten years ago and the iPhone making its debut back in 2007. Perhaps in the future Uncle Sam ought to focus less on creating jobs and more on creating guys like Jobs. 

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